Good Morning from the Island

And today’s sunrise -it happened again and of course cameras were ready to capture it —in all its splendor

Good Morning…

Unsolicited advice- never and I mean never get in a car accident that brakes your nose and fracture your Medial & Intermediate Cuneiform and knocks your front teeth out (luckily the dental surgery can wait until we return to DC)

I’m about 36 hours post op and the pain is in fact excruciating. I swear the Dr used an entire box of packing for each nostril. But thankfully the liquid pain medicine provides a tiny bit of relief -full disclosure I took down the picture of my nose. I realized that it might trigger my readers and my trolls/haters/stalkers would use it to harass me. Suffice to say it looks substantially worse but the Dr did tell me the next few days would be hell on earth. He was right <snort>

I probably won’t be publishing any meaningful articles until next week. Since I’m clearly prone to spelling and grammatical errors - then add in pain meds and it would likely render my writing into a flaming cesspool of WTFINGF is she actually saying. At any rate my husband recorded today’s sunrise and it was absolute spectacular and I wanted to share it with my readers. Since he was able to capture the sunrise phenomenon of dramatic color changes that only last for a few seconds..

The good news is the contractor finished the back steps and added the fish cleaning table —our property management company said previous renters really wanted an outdoor fishing cleaning table. As you’ll recall in the early Spring of 2021 we built a (fantastic) outdoor shower so running a cold & hot water line to the outdoor fishing table was easy peasy- lemon squeezey ← as my littles like to say…

Enjoy because today’s sunrise was spectacular…

With any luck by next week I should be quasi back to my normal snarky & Mountain of receipt laden self. Until then I’m going to take that time and engage in self care. Have a great day and remember that you are stronger and smarter than you think.

xo Filey