Happy Sunday

I’m taking a few days off -


And who knew I could find the perfect song to go with today’s time lapse video, no filter just Mother Nature in all her Mercury Retrograde insanity.

Sound to the left of me.

Ocean to the right of me.

Island shutdown due to flooding and I’m oddly okay with intermittent power and internet. Come hell and high water imma gonna unplug myself

Music by MYSM

Song Look At Those Clouds -



You can’t DCMA me when I’ve paid for it -haters gotta hate and trolls gotta troll.

Have a great week and remember if you think you can’t - understand that you can.

Dig Deep.

You are stronger than you know.

And if you ever doubt that you can’t move forward ←this is me whispering to you

“yes you can. Keep going. Pick yourself up and put one foot forward. You got this”