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If you have missed my bellicose spicy and snarky-ness on Twitter - well hello there friend - here I am and I’m so very glad to see you (again)

As we know Twitter really isn’t a conducive platform my Files or my snark. Conversely on SubStack I can spread my wings a little bit more. While continuing to spread my “Twitter glitter” and providing original/root documents. Of course plenty of snark and highlighted documents.

Once again I have purposely chosen to forgo the “payment-subscription” -I made a promise four years ago and I like to keep my promises. My newsletter allows you to read at your leisure.

Also you can interact with me. Each newsletter has a “leave a comment” button and Substack notifies me, which results in a timely response. Remember the only “dumb question” is the one that’s not “asked” and I won’t insult your intelligence or breach your trust by giving you a bullpucky answer.


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