This is pretty amazing. What hits hardest, is the feeling that these 15 counts for Weisselberg are just the precursor. They would not reveal everything with this indictment but have more than a solid case. This seems like the beginning of dismantling the Trump properties & assets. For so long, Trump has improperly gamed the system. He won’t be able to get out of this. There aren’t any loans coming & whatever he owes as outstanding loan payments or even taxes, will bite him. He’s run out of options. He will stall with trying to slow down litigation as he always does but they seem like in this initial indictment, a solid case with plenty of receipts. My guess is Jr will be first family member indicted. Thank you Filey. Thank you for allowing all of us to marvel at your work and uncompromising adherence to facts. Feels like a great day.

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Very well done - the magic number was achieved >$1M of unreported income --- side letters are bad, bad, bad - can I make that point any stronger - bad!

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This is simply delicious. Thank you!!!!

🍷 🍫 & 🍿

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Watching this flimsy house of cards fall is so gratifying. Destroyed evidence in 2016?! Morons.

And those personal checks. They definitely show how much control trump kept over the business despite him always saying otherwise.

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Re: "in my view you should also be looking at McConney"

Once again, Mic, you called it.

via Dr. Dena Grayson:

CNN just confirmed that “Unindicted Co-Conspirator #1” is Trump Organization SVP/ControllerJeff McConney, who knows where *every* dirty ruble is.

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What was going on in September 2016?

Michael Cohen's secret recording of the hush money scheme

Trump Alfa Bank server goes silent

Destruction of entries in the Trump Organization general ledger

Tip of the iceberg, indeed.

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Would tax laws of rent free housing also apply to family or ex-wife and kids?

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