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Feb 8th CDCA court denied Avenatti’s 11th hour ex Parte - he’s now in the LA County Jail..

Avenatti embezzled from numerous clients. Avenatti living his best life on a CA beach year AFTER his Nike conviction. Feb 2022 convicted in Stormy Daniels case and now he’s finally in jail.

Whispers I Gussied up that previous video and I think you’ll like the improvements. And (yes I’m genuinely laughing, mainly at myself

Just a little weekend Housekeeping…

Those who have followed me on Twitter, MadDog and now Substack are aware that my petty is super meta. And I make zero apologies for that.And yes of courses I snort laughed the entire time as I was editing that video. It was inconceivable (to me) that Avenatti was allowed to spend (nearly) a year living his best life on a Southern California beach.

If you get the sense that I’m frustrated with our Judicial System. There are times that I am. But I try to remain neutral and respect the Courts decisions. Somedays I’m more successful at that and then there are days, like today where I allow my darkside to come out.

Again if Avenatti was a black or brown man, there’s a 0.0001% chance that he would have been afforded “home confinement” after his February 2021 Nike Extortion conviction. I’m not going to debate anyone, on the merits of my previous assertion…they stand on their own.

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5PM PST disgraced Attorney Michael Avenatti to self surrender -UPDATED- Avenatti thinks he can dictate which jail the USMS places him in. WTFINGF
See February 7, 2022 7:25PM update at the bottom of this article ..and I snort laughed the entire time… I am insanely busy at work today but I plan on publishing an exhaustive article regarding O’Keefe but I had a few minutes in between meetings to create this and no I probably should not laugh but today I decided to laugh, mainly at myself…
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However if you choose to debate me, you’ll lose. As previously articulated where I said Avenatti is the poster child for “white privilege” -specifically how our current judicial system is set up, which disproportionately sends black and brown men to be “remanded pending trial” —it still sticks in my craw that Avenatti’s manipulation of our Judicial System for his own benefit. don’t even get me started on the Bond issues either. Or our Coutry’s recidivism rates, which blow away most other Countries…

Also see the July 2021 DOJ-BSJ Recidivism of Prisoners Released in 34 States in 2012: A 5-Year Follow-Up Period (2012–2017) below are the high level takeaways from the DOJ-BJS July 2021 report”

  • About 6 in 10 (62%) prisoners released across 34 states in 2012 were arrested within 3 years, and 7 in 10 (71%) were arrested within 5 years.

  • Nearly half (46%) of prisoners released in 2012 returned to prison within 5 years for a parole or probation violation or a new sentence.

  • Eleven percent of prisoners released in 2012 were arrested within 5 years outside of the state that released them.

  • Eighty-one percent of prisoners age 24 or younger at release in 2012 were arrested within 5 years of release, compared to 74% of those ages 25 to 39 and 61% of those age 40 or older.

On February 8, 2022 —yes I’m laughing that the Court waited until Avenatti self surrendered to the US Marshal Service. As previously explained Avenatti’s 11th hour nonsense —the Court Denied his absurd Motion/request

  • February 7, 2022 EX PARTE APPLICATION for Order for that Defendant be Housed at the Santa Ana Jail Filed by Defendant Michael John Avenatti -see Scribd Link

  • February 8, 2022 ORDER DENIED BY ORDER OF THE COURT by Judge James V. Selna: Defendant was not remanded pursuant to an order of this Court. Denying 913 EX PARTE APPLICATION for Defendant be Housed at the Santa Ana Jail. See Scribd link

Just to be clear here, with less than one hour on the February 7, 2022 -5PM PST clock, Avenatti decided to file an Ex Parte requesting the Court direct the US Marshals to place Avenatti at the Santa Ana Jail… the temerity and arrogance of Avenatti’s untimely request —this is who Michael Avenatti has always been.

And I don’t care that I took so much shit for sounding the alarm, in April 2018, nope I knew I had the facts and had amassed a sizable Avenatti file . When I told my followers/readers to R-U-N do not walk away - “listen to me freaking R-U-N away from Avenatti as fast as you can and never look back” -I’m not one to make an assertion that I can’t immediately back up with a crushing amount of documents.

However my red lines have always been spouses, ex-spouses and children are “off limits” —if I had betrayed my self impose ethical red lines I could have simply tweeted; the various client declarations, the affidavits, the divorce proceedings, the emergency TRO request and the policy reports. Instead I decided that my own ethics precluded me from sharing my research/files…

Notwithstanding (inside industry humor) the Court could have ruled almost immediately after Avenatti filed is hilarious 11th hour Ex Parte - but no the Court waited until February 8, 2022 to deny Avenatti’s request.

However see case No 8:19-cr-00061

You can read Avenatti’s 11th hour Hail Mary attempt via CDCA-ECF - at the onset of Avenatti’s three criminal trials I warned my readers/followers that Avenatti would in fact play the CDCA and SDNY against each other and to be fair he’s been largely successful but I HAVE HAD IT with this twice convicted Felon -see paragraph 6 of Avenatti’s 11tt hour filing or you can pull it down from my nt -to say Avenatti’s Motion is untimely is an understatement.

He apparently doesn’t want to be placed in a LA County Jail (I don’t blame him considering he stole from his paraplegic client who was paralyzed by guards in the LA County Jail) but his excuses actually strains credulity and are infuriating See Scribd link for his 11th hour nonsense

First off - his CDCA case -when the court ruled it was on a technicality hence the mistrial. The Court specifically noted that the government overlooked sending him discovery in a timely manner - the CDCA ruling is currently on appeal with the 9thCCOAs with oral arguments set for next month. To be fair the Court found that it was an unintentional error but POS Avenatti decided to kick the door in with that tiny opening to have the entire CDCA case dismissed. But now he doesn’t want the USMS to send him to the LA County jail. In what 1984 dystopian reality does Avenatti live in?

MICHAEL AVENATTI BOP Register Number: 86743-054

So when I decided to clean out my draft article console I was like wait -I thought I had published this on February 8, 2022 —as it turns out this article was sitting in my drafts —I suppose waiting on me to finally hit publish (albeit 4 days later) -here you can double check via

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to Wegman’s because the DC area is expecting snow later tonight and into tomorrow afternoon. Thus I’m trying to prevent a war over food and drinks. Also it’s a fun-sport for me to watch other insane suburban mom’s going all “lord of the flies” on each other, because they typically buy; 20 gallons of milk, 64 pack of toilet paper and 200 loaves of bread. And then they go on Facebook to humble brag about cleaning out the shelves. I genuinely dislike some suburban moms because if snow is in the forecast they turn into mega assholes. So if I’m going to be snowed in (for possibly 10+ hours) then imma gonna need some triple crème brie, Gorgonzola Dolce, pears and some brut Veuve Clicquot. How else am I going to wash down the Gorgonzola & Pear grilled cheese?

PS -here’s your daily saltwater therapy -apologies that I initially failed to include it…Hoping you and yours have a great weekend and I’ll see y’all on February 14, 2022…because yes I’m taking tomorrow off.

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