International Peace Power and Prosperity (IP3) Kushner, Flynn, Barrack & Bonesaw MbS and the Marshall Plan

Mike - you are a trash human being I am disgusted by your betrayal & more disgusted that we the tax payers are paying your pension. You are a goddamnmotherfucking traitor. Thoughts and Prayers Asshole

I started drafting this article on July 9, 2021 1 (see footnote for my receipts because it’s not like I’m going to make up something) and upon further reflection I’m not sure why I decided to put it on the back burner. Beyond doing the prerequisite research for this article it required that I reach back into my 2017 thru 2019 file archive. And I may have been either too exhausted or distracted but given yesterday’s indictment it felt like the right time to go ahead and publish this article

Mike QANON Flynn & Kushner should be really worried. Wanna see my receipts?

Caveat at all relevant times in this article I will provide you with Original Documents that I gathered from: Office of Government Ethics (OGE), House Oversight Committee, DDC Federal Court and 3rd party Government Transparency Groups. If any of the aforementioned documents are behind an ECF paywall —you’ll note that I’ll provide you a link to my public drive, no sense in having my readers pay for public documents.

If I am stating an “opinion” —I will disclose that but the focus here will be entirely grounded in facts with the supporting documents to corroborate said facts. The documents are colloquially known as “receipts and/or files” To be clear I am (and likely never will be) a Fan of (disgraced) QANON-Sedition Advocate Mike Flynn. None of this is personal, this is solely about the facts and documents.

Lastly because of the amount of documents that this project will cover —the expectation is I’ll likely turn this into a mini-series of articles because I want to be as thorough as possible. The following article will strictly focus on Trump’s disgraced National Security Advisor and now QANON-leader Michael Flynn.

Mike Flynn the endless war on Democracy

Full Disclosure I’ve previously mentioned that one of my siblings worked with/for Flynn - it was a temporary assignment and it lasted for only a few months. But I can admit, that based on this information I tend to be very biased against Flynn and will continue to be for the forceable future. Notwithstanding I will try to compartmentalize and refrain from pithy prognostication of him or his deleterious actions again our Country’s democracy.

Flynn OGE Financial Disclosures

By law certain executive branch employees are required to file a truthful and fulsome Financial Disclosure Form with the Office of Government Ethics. The disclosures are meant to identify any conflicts of interests —increased transparency and to instill public trust/confidence.

On February 11, 2017 Flynn submitted an 11 page Financial Disclosure —I now refer you to pages 2 thru 5 - I highlighted a few that I found interesting. However in August of 2017 - Flynn filed an “amended financial disclosure” — which added dozens of previously undisclosed Companies and numerous speaking engagements. The problematic nature of filing an amended financial disclosure is this can and should be directly linked to OPM-SF86 —the SF86 requires disclosures of foreign trips, contacts and finances for the past seven years. Failure to disclose can (and often does) result in criminal charges.

The Government uses the information you’ve disclosed in your SF8t as part of your fitness to hold a Confidential, Secret or Top Secret and/or either Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) or Special Access Program (SAP) —keep in mind the three aforementioned specifically related to the Department of Defense, you can read more via the Defense Security Service (DSS) - the TS/SCI clearance is revised —One can presumably deduce that the August 2017 Amended financial disclosure in preparation, of👇🏻

Flynn & SCO Investigation into Russia & Trump Campaign

U.S. v. Michael T. Flynn

Case No 1:17-cr-232, District of Columbia

Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn (Ret.), of Alexandria, Va., pleaded guilty on Dec. 1, 2017, to making false statements to FBI agents, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1001. In January of 2020 Flynn wanted out of the Plea Agreement— see long but incredibly document heavy Twitter Thread Archive

  • Criminal Information

  • Plea Agreement

  • Statement of the Offense -in which Flynn admitted to making numerous materially false statements in documents filed pursuant to FARA. These statements related directly to the work he and Flynn Intel performed for the benefit of the Republic of Turkey. (More on that later)

  • November 2020 Pardon - Flynn accepted the Pardon and insofar as accepting that also means Flynn was in fact guilty2 of the crimes he was charged with

April 2015 -June 20, 2016 ACU & Flynn

Based on Flynn’s Amended August 2017 OGE financial disclosure - from April 2015 to June 2016 - the OGE filing shows that Flynn served as an advisor” for ACU Strategic Partners and IronBridge. Which should make the recent Barrack Indictment an inflection point for Mike QANON-Flynn. Because the intersection and overlap is far more than nuanced missives. No there’s always a paper trial

Barrack, Flynn and Kushner audacious plan to get rich and betray our County

On June 19, 2017 the House Democrats sent the following letter to Flynn Intel Group, X-Co Dynamics Inc./IronBridge Group, and ACU Strategic Partners. which requested documents and communications relating to the work of Flynn on behalf of the companies;

  • National Security Advisor Michael Flynn regarding Saudi Arabia, Russia, and other countries

  • his failure to accurately report his foreign travel and contacts when he submitted an application to renew his security clearance (SF86) in 2016 and was interviewed by security clearance investigators.

  • Shortly after Flynn took this (undisclosed) trip, Saudi Arabia announced an agreement with Russia’s state nuclear corporation, Rosatom, that resulted in a $100 billion deal in 2016 to build 16 nuclear power units.

Where’s your proof - shut up or put up…

Some have (rightfully so) asked about my comments concerning Barrack, Flynn and Kushner that I included in yesterday’s article - as you’ll note in that particular subsection of the article I embedded numerous documents but in my opinion it’s the November 2017 letter to both Barrack and McFarlane 3

June 19, 2017 letter to Mike Qanon Flynn

This was the first crack in the complete repudiation of a once venerable US Army General… who for unknown reasons decided that his lifetime oath to “preserve and protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic” some how meant nothing. This letter largely centers around Newsweek’s June 9, 2017 Article, entitled and I highly recommend you read the article before reading the June 2017 House Oversight letter —it will help you to better contextualize the content…

Michael Flynn, Russia and a Grand Scheme to Build Nuclear Power Plants in Saudi Arabia and the Arab World

On June 19, 2017 the (then) ranking member Rep Elijah Cummings (RIP I genuinely miss him) requested that Mike Flynn produce documents relating to Flynn Saudi Arabia, Russia, and other countries aka the Marshall Plan. The letter also stated Flynn’s

failure to accurately report his foreign travel and contacts when he submitted an application to renew his security clearance in 2016 and was interviewed by security clearance investigators…

Flynn lied, over and over especially on his SF86 & to Federal Investigators concerning his TS/SCI clearance renewal

In contrast to this report, we have no record of General Flynn reporting this trip or any contacts with foreign officials on his security clearance renewal application or in his interview with security clearance investigators…Most troubling of all, we have no record of General Flynn identifying on his security clearance renewal application—or during his interview with security clearance investigators—even a single foreign government official he had contact with in the seven years prior to submitting his security clearance application…

If this press report is accurate, General Flynn’s failure to report this trip and any contacts with foreign government officials about this Saudi-Russian nuclear proposal appears to be a potential violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001 4…The statute provides that knowingly falsifying or concealing a material fact is a felony which may result in fines and/or up to five years imprisonment.

Mike Qanon Flynn 2015 Congressional Testimony:

To be clear —on some points a few points I intellectually agreed with 2015 Flynn (before he went full on Qanon-crazy) but on other points I vehemently disagree. The fact his Amended OGE financial disclosures, Trump’s repeated attempts “to make the Flynn thing go away” which factored into Director Comey losing his job and Trump’s outrageous attacks on Deputy Dir McCabe —this is why I think you should read Mike Flynn’s 2015 written testimony because it provides you with some factual foundations of Flynn’s duplicitous actions starting in early 2016…

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the nations of Egypt, Kuwait, the UAE, Jordan, Qatar, and Turkey will all attempt their own missile and nuclear programs with varying degrees of success and competence, and the best-case scenario is that we have our current relationship with Pakistan duplicated five fold in a region where we have seen…

And I get it I’m dumping a helluva document dump - but if you have time I would recommend you watch this short Associated Press Clip - it’s <2minutes long and it concisely encapsulates what the House OverSight & Foreign Affairs committees were chasing. For the record Mike Qanon Flynn should absolutely lose his US Army pension, he accepted Trump’s pardon because Flynn is guilty and as an Army Brat I want him to face serious consequences. He betrayed the Army. He betrayed the American Tax Payers. He betrayed his oath. And he’s an Asshole who terrorized a sibling of mine —who had the unfortunate TDY which assigned them to Flynn’s unit at the DIA. Mike QANON Flynn is a traitor and a trash human being. Period. Full Stop

In Barrack’s OpEd - this particular passages are just astounding. Also I went ahead and converted Barrack’s OpEd to a PDF and uploaded the document to Scribd because after reading the indictment his October 2016 OpEd reads completely different

Bashar Assad may well be our only hope in fighting the various terrorist factions that are attempting to form an ISIS state. If America agrees that putting boots on the ground would be impractical and ineffective, then a self-governed “Syria State” must be the entity that reaches settlements with the various factions that are causing the mass migration of thousands of Syrians to Europe, the USA and elsewhere…

Once security in the Middle East is attained, including a negotiated peace between the Israelis and thePalestinians, the USA must respond with an “end-state” perspective to draw a comprehensive solution similar to the Marshall Plan. Going from promoting then dumping dictators to drawing a new manifesto for economic rebirth would mean that finally, the America is finally doing right in teeming, oil-rich desert lands where it did wrong for decades….

Congress 2017 Letters RE Marshall Plan 5

First it’s important that you reread the “What the Middle East Needs Now from America” written by Thomas J Barrack Jr OpEd, published in Fortune on October 23, 2016 - this is the OpEd repeatedly referenced in yesterday’s Barrack Indictment and further detailed in yesterday’s deep dive into the indictment (specifically on page 7 of the indictment.

And then you should reread this September 2017 - Wall Street Journal Article - Flynn Promoted Nuclear-Plant Project While in White House 

Then-Trump security adviser had his staff meet with those involved in Middle East proposal that once included Russian firms

The sprawling construction project was valued at hundreds of billions of dollars and described as a Marshall Plan for the region, according to the people familiar with it. Mr. Flynn, as a private citizen before entering the White House, had advised U.S. companies that aimed to provide security for the project.

November 2017 letter to Barrack

Then in November of 2017 Reps Cummings and Engel sent Tom Barrack this two page letter —specifically and cordially inviting Mr Barrack for a “transcribed interview” (by December 17, 2017) also known as a deposition

Thomas J. Barrack, Jr., who reportedly had a “series of conversations” with General Flynn, Senior Adviser to the President Jared Kushner, and others about the nuclear project proposal.  It has also been reported that Barrack met with General Flynn’s former business colleagues on this proposal at the White House in April 2017, and he has publicly advocated for President Trump to embrace a Middle East “Marshall Plan”—a term that General Flynn’s business associates use to characterize their proposal.

McFarlane personally emailed General Flynn various documents, including a draft memo directing cabinet agencies to implement the plan.  Flynn then reportedly conveyed this proposal forward to National Security Council staff with instructions to “package” the documents for the President.  McFarlane also attended a subsequent meeting with then-White House staffer Derek Harvey to discuss this project.

November 2017 Letter to McFarlane

He had repeatedly ignored several letters from Congress, but once that Wall Streer Journal Article was published - once again Reps Cummings and Engel sent (I believe the 3rd) letter toRobert “Bud” McFarlane, a Co-Founder and Director of IP3/Iron Bridge Group (see Mike QANON-Flynn’s amended OGE Financial Disclosure embedded in this article) see Scribd link for 2017 letter

According to the Journal report, McFarlane personally emailed General Flynn various documents, including a draft memo directing cabinet agencies to implement the plan.  Flynn then reportedly conveyed this proposal forward to National Security Council staff with instructions to “package” the documents for the President.  McFarlane also attended a subsequent meeting with then-White House staffer Derek Harvey to discuss this project.

Sidebar - remember that certain PITA Twitter Account who continually trolled Rep Ed Royce and repeatedly asked him why he did a 180 on Qatar and suddenly reversed course on the UAE and the Kingdom —yes that was a super fun time being harassed for merely asking several pinpoint precise questions and if Royce was concerned about Elliot Broidy —pity I can’t just post those tweets and Twitter threads

For now I think I’ve given you a lot of documents, possibly connected dots and I really did intend on taking today off as a “mental health day” but like I said I started researching this article in early July but after yesterday’s indictment it seemed like the right time to drop my files…

PS - I highly recommend you read TIMELINE General Michael Flynn’s Efforts to Lift Sanctions and Promote a Joint Project with Russia to Build Nuclear Reactors in the Middle East - for example:

December 2016, Flynn, Kushner, and Steve Bannon met with the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, at Trump Tower. They reportedly held a “three-hour discussion” that “focused on a range of issues, including Iran, Yemen and the Mideast peace process.”

Also pay very close attention to Barrack, Flynn, Kushner et al and the Nuclear Plan - because I wasn’t being factious yesterday when I casually mentioned how Flynn and Kushner should be extremely worried that Barrack might become chatty. I mean spending just about a week in jail might make someone consider possibly flipping —but that’s speculation on my end. Whereas the documents I have included are facts… the House OverSight timeline is intense and purely factual. Someone I know and trust on the hill sent me the document a while back and I had a helluva time trying to find a public link of it, hence why I uploaded it to Scribd

January 5, 2017, Flynn, Kushner, and Bannon met with King Abdullah II of Jordan at the Four Seasons hotel in New York and reportedly discussed the nuclear proposal.

According to press reports, in early January, “Mr. Flynn talked favorably about the proposed deal with Mr. Trump’s friend, real-estate magnate Thomas Barrack Jr., who was heading the inauguration, according to a person familiar with the conversation. Mr. Flynn suggested to Mr. Barrack that he talk with one of the project’s backers. The suggestion kicked off a series of conversations between Mr. Barrack, who was interested

In closing yesterday was a catalyst for a bunch of solid public reporting - tomorrow (like early 6AM) I’m publishing a follow up article concerning Barrack but it will almost entirely address the newly unsealed June and August 2019 Criminal Complaint and the Affidavit along with the supplemental affidavit. And because I’ve always felt my readers should have unfettered access to Federal Court Filings, and my job pays me pretty well that I can afford to pay about $300 a quarter and have done so since 2017. A vast majority of the time I pay for the filing and then upload aforementioned filing to a public website. As I mentioned earlier that Google Drive started acting wonky so I reactivated my Scribd account and this week I think I’ve uploaded 46+ documents.

At any rate yes I know it’s a lot of info but I genuinely believe my readers/followers need to have access to original documents, sadly sometimes the MSM unintentionally over look important details and I happen to like tiny details.



If I say I did something - chances are I have the receipts to prove it too -because isn’t this what most normal people do after an exhausting work day that they spend the evenings doing more research?


Supreme Court of the United States, see Burdick v. United States, 236 U.S. 79, 35 S. Ct. 267 (1915) - landmark ruling

Justice Joseph Story wrote in the opinion:

“This brings us to the differences between legislative immunity and a pardon. They are substantial. The latter carries an imputation of guilt; acceptance a confession of it.”

See Law Library of Congress for SCOTUS ruling -last visited July 7, 2021 -


See House Overnight Committee previous communications and request for documents - last accessed on July 20, 202

As you know, we have requested multiple times that you and your organization produce to Congress all of your communications with General Flynn, but you have repeatedly refused,” Cummings and Engel wrote.  “Given today’s report, we request that you produce, by December 12, 2017, all documents previously requested in our letters of June 19, 2017September 12, 2017, and September 15, 2017.”


18 U.S.C. §1001 Statements or entries generally - “shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years…”


June 19, 2017 Letter -I previously neglected to give you a link to this letter