Another excellent outline and breakdown to help us understand the process, the factors involved, and the potential impact. Watching this unfold, and reflecting on your past revelations, is beginning to feel like we're seeing some key connections and revelations open things wide open. Brava, and thank you for coming out of your cone of silence long enough to do this work.

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Jun 28, 2022Liked by File411

Well done and thank you for taking your free time to post these legal translations. More important...gun to your head Sophie's Choice moment...who do you take as your guess is the surprise witness tomorrow at the J6 hearing?

I'll go first...

- "death threats" means civilian since congressional leaders have security.

- not front line name or J6 would advertise it like crazy.

- not Holder since he would appear at any time...might be there tomorrow as second witness ahead of CNN video.

- not Ali Alexander that's been debunked and he's an unreliable witness you would just play his recordings.

- maybe Mo Brooks but I doubt it based on his stipulations too steep.

I'm guessing and this is purely a guess...Amy Harris and/or one of her accomplices facing death threats as she was there for the Holder videos. She is someone who was subpoenaed by J6 Cmte for her content as a pseudo-journalist for the Proud Boys. I am guessing her content is critical to add context to whatever CNN/Discovery+ releases as part of UNPRECEDENTED which you can see here:


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Speaking of security issues, is it just coincidence that the Sergeant at Arms appointed by McConnell passed away yesterday? Some people were making a thing of it on twitter, but I don't know the first thing re: background on how such appointments work.

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Jun 28, 2022·edited Jun 28, 2022

Thank you so much for the spirited illumination as always, and aint't it just crazy fun??!! Get well soon Filey💕 so sad to see you burned your beautiful face, but I bet there will be no scars (hex hex!) 🪄🧙

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Despite being work crazed, thank you for the updates. Wow is Eastman desperate. Love it!

Today is going to be very interesting. I wish our flight was landing a half hour sooner.

Big hug, cause it's good for you 💜

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