SDNY -Special Investigation/Investigators into Gov Coumo -amended x2

He needs to resign -sorry but a cursory read of the 196 page report -He needs to resign —immediately -the NY AG Cuomo won’t face criminal charges - ergo he needs to resign RIGHT NOW

The independent investigators appointed by New York Attorney General Letitia James — led by Joon H. Kim and Anne L. Clark — today released their report into the multiple allegations of sexual harassment by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

the New York Attorney General Press Release, reads in part:

  • investigators concluded that Governor Cuomo did sexually harass multiple women — including former and current state employees — by engaging in unwanted groping, kissing, and hugging, and making inappropriate comments.

  • the governor and his senior staff took actions to retaliate against at least one former employee for coming forward with her story. M

  • the Executive Chamber fostered a “toxic” workplace that enabled “harassment to occur and created a hostile work environment.”

“The investigators find that Governor Cuomo’s actions and those of the Executive Chamber violated multiple state and federal laws, as well as the Executive Chamber’s own written policies.”

December 2020, multiple women came forward with allegations that Governor Cuomo sexually harassed them. Over the course of the investigation, the investigators interviewed 179 individuals. Those interviewed included complainants, current and former members of the Executive Chamber, State Troopers, additional state employees, and others who interacted regularly with the governor. More than 74,000 documents, emails, texts, and pictures were also reviewed as evidence during the investigation.

Backed up by corroborating evidence and credible witnesses, the investigators detail multiple current or former New York state employees or women outside state service who were the targets of harassing conduct on the part of the governor.

Governor Cuomo also sat with the interviewers and answered questions under oath…the governor denied the most serious allegations, the investigators found that he did so by offering

“blanket denials” or that he had a “lack of recollection as to specific incidents.” 

The investigation found that Governor Cuomo;

  • sexual harassment of multiple women and

  • his and the Executive Chamber’s retaliation against a former employee for coming forward with her claims of sexual harassment violated multiple state and federal laws, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the New York State Human Rights Law, and 42 U.S. Code § 1983, in addition to the Executive Chamber’s own equal employment policies.

At this point Gov Cuomo needs to resign forthwith and those who criticized the victims -you owe these victims a public apology - Ms Boylan’s essay

Charlotte Bennett came forward in February 2021, see NYTs article;

…Bennett alleges Cuomo asked her numerous inappropriate questions about her s** life, including whether she slept with older men. In the same conversation, Cuomo allegedly told her that he was looking for a girlfriend and was“fine with anyone above the age of 22,” which Bennett interpreted as a sexual advance. She also noted that throughout their professional relationship he had seemed fixated on her past experience of sexual assault. Bennett says she reported the conversation to Jill DesRosiers, Cuomo’s chief of staff, and was transferred to a different job within a month.

Anna Ruch - also see NYTs article;

Ruch is not and never has been employed by the governor’s office or the state of New York. Still, her account—and the photo that captured her discomfort—was a turning point, prompting severalstate Democratic officials to call on Cuomo to resign. 

A few days after Ruch’s allegations surfaced Cuomo issued a public statement from the State Capitol.“I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable,” Cuomo said.“It was unintentional and I truly and deeply apologize for it.” However, he denied ever touching anyone inappropriately.

Again the independent investigators appointed by New York Attorney General Letitia James — led by Joon H. Kim and Anne L. Clark — released their report into the multiple allegations of sexual harassment by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Amended after reading the Appendices;

Governor Coumo needs to resign. Like many of you I chose to remain silent. I wanted to truly listen to the women (victims) because as a society we need to listen more and speak less. I specifically waited until this report & three appendices were published. The evidence and contemporaneous evidence and corroboration by numerous witnesses. There’s no fuzz here, the victims endured months long harassment.

I find it disgusting that other women sought to vilify the victims. Those kind of women are the very worst. Again I chose to remain silent because unfortunately many people don’t listen. And some women choose to immediately defend a sexual predator. I’m upset that the NY AG will not initiate criminal charges against the Governor. But he needs to resign, immediately

And to the women who choose to attack the victims;

What is wrong with you?

You defended a sexual predator.

You sought to vilify and harass the victims.

You are the very worst kind of women and you’ll never be in the sisterhood club, we don’t need nor want you. Go away and never come back. Because I’m pretty sure admittance to the Sisterhood Club is “believe the women, listen to them” and you can’t be bothered to do that. Therefore you are no sister of mine and you make other victims that more reluctant to come forward. The sisterhood island has spoken and your disgusting ass has been voted off, expelled, shunned whatever you want to call it -defending a sexual predator is a nonstarter for me.

Amended # 2 what is D-A-R-V-O

Here’s something that some might find actually helpful - full disclosure I’m not a trained medical professional, but in dealing with the ongoing harassment, stalking and otherwise trying to make my real life hell —both my attorney and the commonwealth’s attorney sent me the following article and thought I would share:

The acronym is known as D-A-V-R-O

D -Deny


R -Reverse


O -Offender

In short the predator uses these tactics and often uses proxies to target the victim(s) —this is the article that was sent to me —because if you become a target of DARVO it’s like gaslighting but much more insidious. Both my attorney & commonwealth attorney sent me the following articles, I think they were trying to prepare me for what would and did happen to not just me but to numerous women who shared their truth.

I don’t need to name names, you already know who & his proxies are;

How Narcissists Use DARVO to Escape Accountability

This is made painfully clear when they inflict harm on someone and, astonishingly, escape accountability by flipping the script and blaming the person they’ve wronged.

Narcissists are expert at erasing the pain they cause from the narrative. They wipe their hands clean by projecting their malice, aggression and treachery on to the target.

The more malignant a narcissist is, the less of a conscience they have. This makes them able to blame the survivor with such ease and skill that, once the narcissist has spun their web of deception, the survivor appears to be the aggressor and the narcissist their hapless victim.

In many cases, survivors are left reeling as their abuser blithely revises the fact of their aggression, twisting the truth into a narrative that bears no semblance to what actually transpired.

DARVO: Understanding a gaslighting strategy of reversing blame

October 2, 2018 | Dan Drake, LMFT, LPCC, CCPS-S, CSAT-S

One pattern we often see in these types of relationship is DARVO. Jennifer Freyd (1997) first began using this term to address power dynamics in relationships where betrayal trauma is present. DARVO is an acronym used to describe a pattern of emotional abuse sometimes present in relationships. In situations when one member of the relationship wants to obfuscate the reality of the other to preserve an active addiction, we see DARVO showing up in relationships.

As you can imagine, when sex addiction is present, the addict wants to keep his/her secret at all costs. He/she may not even know they’re using this strategy, but it’s a way to keep his/her partner in the dark about the REAL reality of the behavior the addict is truly engaged in. DARVO is a way that an addict gaslights his or her partner, shifting blame from self to the other. Before we look further into this concept, let’s briefly explain what gaslighting is.

Gaslighting is a strategy where a person attacks the intuition or truth of another, making that person feel crazy. It’s a strategy, sometimes conscious sometimes unconscious, where the offending party takes the focus from him or herself and places the focus on the other. DARVO is one way that the offending party gaslights their partner.