Guys - Barrack codefendant JUNE 2019 & AUGUST 2019 - wanna see the receipts?

In the grand scheme of things this might not matter to you - but for me it actually matters a lot because this tells me a more precise timeline

United States v. Al Malik Alshahhi EDNY Case No 1:21-cr-00371

  • Jun 25, 2019 SEALED COMPLAINT as to Rashid Al-Malik (1). (Attachments: # 1 Sealing Cover Sheet) (Sica, Michele) [1:19-mj-00556-LB *SEALED*] (see EDNY-ECF or see Scribd Link)

  • August 19, 2019 SUPPLEMENTAL SEALED COMPLAINT (see EDNY-ECF) and affidavit in support of arrest warrant as to Rashid Al-Malik. (Signed by Mag Judge Vera Scanlon dtd 8/16/19) (Attachments: # 1 Sealing Cover Sheet) (Yuen, Sui-May) [1:19-mj-00556-LB *SEALED*] (Entered: 08/19/2019) see Scribd link

and before you say well it was unsealed what’s the big deal…it was only unsealed on July 21st - it being the June & Aug 2019 filings - which is affirmed by the recent docket report

June 25, 2019 Complaint & Affidavit Al Malik Alshahhi

In case you’re concerned about the provenance of this June 2019 filing. Yes I paid the $3.201 for the filing. Keep in mind this is specific to Defendant Al Malik Alshahhi notwithstanding it is actually notable because if you read the July 2021 Indictment (see Scribd Link for highlighted and annotated copy of the indictment) Barrack was interviewed by the FBI in …. wait… for…it…

Of course in June 2019…and yes one should assume that the Indictment is largely based on the original criminal complaint and attached affidavit (statement of facts) but you shouldn’t always assume it’s 100% based on that. Meaning if you can you should always read the original affidavit. Remember yesterday I said —here just read the green box & what I underlined (before you accuse me of well you knew - I did not -the Affidavit was unsealed on July 21, 2021) —Therefore it would have been virtually impossible for me to have known what was in the sealed complaint

And BOY oh BOY should you read the newly unsealed June 2019 Complaint/Affidavit. I now refer you to page 3 Hayah Holdings and you mean that the assertion that Defendant Al Malik Alshahhi absconded back to the UAE is actually correct? See footnote on page 3 - the “US persons” likely Barrack and Grimes.

Look I know that some are sick of my adulation towards the FBI - sure have they made mistakes. Absolutely. Have they changed processes as to never make that mistake(s) again? Absolutely but this affidavit is why I am a staunch supporter of the FBI and more broadly the DOJ. I am genuinely over growing number of halfwit uninformed recalcitrantfuckfaced-qanon & blue qanon dogging the FBI and the DOJ. Grow up and learn to read before you spout off stupid threads that affirm how woefully uninformed you are. There I said it and the world didn’t end because deep down inside you know it’s true.

Judicially Authorized Search Warrants (plural)

Did you really think I was pulling that out of thin air in the July 20th Article 2?

Oh my - there it is…

Friends this is why I’ll continue to say, always read every court filing -and I mean always because the indictment alluded to the Trump Campaign but this June 2019 affidavit (unsealed on July 21, 2021) there it is —in all of it’s disgusting glory…

The UAE Encrypted Communication App - WHATSAPP

No I am not kidding - it’s there in the June 2019 Affidavit —haaalpp I have fallen out of my chair and I am presently on the ground laughing uncontrollably… because I swear this is how I think the conversation among the UAE Trifecta went down:

Defendant Al Malik Alshahhi to codefendant Grimes BRUH…get Tom to download WhatsApp, we got important biz to discuss

Defendant Grimes to Co Defendant Al Malik Alshahhi - what is this WhatsApp Thingymabobber you speak of, Tom has concerns his shit will be compromised on his current phone

Defendant Al Malik Alshahhi to codefendant Grimes —OMFG. ARE. YOU. serious? bruh all the all the kewl kids in the UAE use it. Don’t worry Pegasus isn’t preloaded in that shit, we only target Qatar with that shit.

Defendant Barrack to Defendant Grimes —Matt what’s my password? Can you send me the Apple App Store link to WhatsApp, where are my reading glasses —Matt why aren’t you answering (phone was accidentally placed on mute)

Like I said the defendant left the United States in 2018 and has not returned

The Criminal Complaint and Affidavit were sealed and it was only unsealed on July 21, 2021

August 2019 Supplemental Affidavit

Oh just trust me - it’s worthwhile that I’m pointing out the August 2019 (see EDNY-ECF Supplemental Affidavit as to Defendant Al Malik Alshahh -have you figured out why I’m giving you the June and August 2019 affidavits?

protip —look at the name —notice that neither Grimes or Barrack are listed…

And this is why I said to trust me…see page 2 and 3 of the August 2019 Supplemental

Because after consulting with the State Department the FBI Agent filed this supplemental affidavit in August 2019 —which tells me that either the FBI thought Defendant Al Malik Alshahh was on the move, like he might have been planning to leave the UAE and head to a Country that we have a MLAT with. Of course I could be wrong but I don’t think I am…

See July 20, 2021 Indictment deep dive

See July 21, 2021 International Peace Power and Prosperity (IP3) Kushner, Flynn, Barrack & Bonesaw MbS and the Marshall Plan - where I went deep into the document archives, like back to 2015

and with that I do think you’re fully caught up - more to follow on Monday July 26, 2021 - hope this was helpful or at the least informative. -Filey