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Filey, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have a question, please: You know Washington, DC in and out, that I understand. Why do you trust Wray to do what's right? This question is not meant to be disrespectful. I genuinely want to know why he's considered trustworthy. Thank you for your time and for helping us to understand the sausage making process of the Law. ❤❤❤

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This is my opinion and you are under zero obligation to agree with me, in whole or in part. I trust Director Wray because the rank and file of the FBI Trust him.

I know that many have reservations and I respect those who have voiced their concerns. For me -beyond he has the trust and respect of tens of thousands of agents, I do think that Director Wray has been forthcoming during his various Congressional Testimony.

After the Jan6th Domestic Terror Attack (see previously article)


…I was pleasantly surprised with his candor and the scope of the investigation the FBI has launched is massive. Again just because Trump appointed him -doesn’t mean he can’t do his job in an a political stance. I rely on the institution’s CFRs and the FBI Director by statute has a term of 10 years. Leaving open the reality that the FBI Director will server under multiple administrations.

I do think during the Obama & Trump administration they used the FBI like a piñata and an occasional political football. With Congress joining in on the shellacking. When it comes to the Rule of Law and hunting Terrorist (domestic or foreign) the men and women of the FBI are the best of the best. And political party affiliation is not a prerequisite criteria of a solid agent. Again I get that some have concerns re Wray and Bridgegate and/or his former law firm but my trust in him has been born primarily on his conduct as the Director. I’m not saying he’s perfect. And certainly he’s done something’s that I vehemently opposed but on the balance sheet he’s overall conduct has earned both my trust and respect. Again you don’t have to agree with me but I hope I sufficiently answered your questions :)

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Had the conspiracists, various 'boi' factions and the violent individuals

involved in J6 attack against established government been dealt with

appropriately (removed from circulation pending trial) I do wonder if 18th September would even be a thing? FAAFO

Especially after the staggering number of LE injured and dead. What an insult.

Really do appreciate all your time spent in sharing.

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