SCANA’s former CEO Kevin Marsh sentencing hearing Tomorrow

The shortest article ever written (for now) -and we already know what the sentence will likely be -because it was previously disclosed in Nov 2020 and reaffirmed in Feb 2021

According to the Department of Justice:

Kevin B. Marsh, the former SCANA Corporation (SCANA) Chief Executive Officer and former Chairman of its Board of Directors, is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow – Thursday, October 7 – in federal court to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. 

I’m still waiting to find out that SCANA sold nuclear technology to Russia, China and Saudi Arabia (insert judging eye roll)

🚨spoiler alert 🚨.. there’s nothing and I mean absolutely nothing in the docket or public domain to support that absurd conspiracy theory … and I thought you should know…and now you do.

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…the point of that previous article? You are in complete control of the information you consume. But if you decided to amplify insane conspiracy theories then you are part of the damaging disinformation and misinformation ecosystem. I’m not okay with ever intentionally amplifying provable disinformation and misinformation. My track record is pretty solid, that I will move mountains to uncover a proverbial mount of receipts. And then explain to my readers what’s important in the various Court Filings.

Notwithstanding if you decide to blindly trust someone who has an long documented history of shilling absolute bullshit, while running multiple grifts, well that’s also entirely up to you.

Rhetorical question:

…of the plethora of conspiracy theories how many of them have actually come to fruition? Objectively none that I’ve seen.

Conversely I’d rather focus on facts that can be immediately supported by actual documentation and I’ve never withheld those documents. Like I said I’m waiting with breathless anticipation to see if this QANON-for-the-Left nonsensical conspiracy theory that SCANA sold nuclear technology to China, Russia and Saudi Arabia… and “the GOP goes down” — I’m kidding I’m not at all waiting. Largely because the narrative he constructed was the State of South Carolina engaged in economic espionage and without any evidence to support the absurd story. Because this person tweets are utter low-level-intellectual information garbage. In fact this person’s thread proves, he is out of his mind and he’s an excellent fictional story teller and his current drug of choice is Twitter —which feeds his insatiable ego appetite. He conflated the Flynn Marshal Project with SCANA -now if he had cited Bellefonte Nuclear —then perhaps there’s a factual argument to be made -but no he cited SCANA.

True story one day (I can only presume he was day drinking) he told me that wasn’t his “real name” that he comes from “a royal family” and I wouldn’t understand his “religion” ← dude started speaking to me in a language and I was like are you actually speaking Aramaic to me? He didn’t know that during my many years in boarding school - we had daily mass in Latin.

Kevin Marsh Relevant Court filings:

Because today I’m trying to not be a PITA and I can not recall any instance where I intentionally withheld documents from my readers. Partly because I have faith in my readers ability to read, understand or then ask questions about documents about the documents I present. Plus the whole document hoarding —that’s a tactic used to condition followers that they view you as the only source of documents. It’s also extremely controlling and manipulative behavior…. So let’s reread the relevant Court filings as it pertains to Defendant Marsh, shall we?

Restitution Under the Eederal- Mandatory Victim Restitution Act ("MVRi\"1, 18 U.S.C. S 3663A:

  • i-. Customers: The parties agree that any restitution amount as related to customers should be offset by approximately $4,000,000,000 dollars of ratepayer remedial value paid by Dominion Energy, Inc. ("Dominion") and agreed to pursuant to the Executed Cooperation Agreement of December 27 , 2020 attached as Exhibit A. The offset by Dominion does not affect the actuaf or intended loss amount attributable to the conspiracy.

PLEA AGREEMENT ADDENDUM as to Kevin Marsh Feb 2021 - —Whispers we already know the agreed upon term of imprisonment - it’s 24 months, pursuant to the February 2021 Plea Agreement Addendum…

However I’d like to draw your attention to pages 2 and 3 - specifically the State of South Carolina’s criminal case against Marsh…because his defense attorney negotiated one helluva plea agreement - basically his plea agreement kills two birds with one stone. And it’s unlikely he will spend any significant time in prison.

And lastly I’ve taken the liberty of uploading the previously mentioned court filings to my Scribd Account - so for now that’s another case off my tracking board —but if you think this is the last of the SCANA & SV Summer criminal cases I regret to inform you that you probably didn’t read this article carefully enough because the dots connect and it has the natural conclusion that other indictments might be forthcoming…or not. But meh whadda I know…



See Scribd Link for the Cooperation Agreement attached to Defendant Marsh’s Plea Agreement