Disinformation and Blue-QANON are incredibly dangerous and uninformed

By the time you finish reading this you’ll know exactly who and what I am talking about. If I’m critical of MAGA-QANON then I need to be equally critical about the QANON-for-the-Left

Tips about Disinformation and Misinformation:

Admittedly one thing I can say that I actually miss about Twitter are the engagements with followers. A close second is the ability to immediately call out agents of disinformation and misinformation. And no none of this brings me pleasure or satisfaction. This is probably the most forthcoming and raw article I’ll ever write. Conversely if you are consuming actual disinformation and misinformation or you’re amplifying it - you are part of the damaging ecosystem.

A refresher course:

  1. If an account does not share sources of original documents, be skeptical

  2. If an account spins a wild conspiracy with all caps and emojis, be skeptical

  3. If an account wants you to pay for “premium” content 1, be skeptical.

  4. Never and I mean never trust a screenshot unless that account provides you a live or archived link, be skeptical

  5. If an account consistently states “chill intelligence or counterintelligence has this” or they prop up XYZ as the “person who’s going to save us”, be skeptical

  6. If an account regularly engages in Antisemitism, Anti-Asian, Anti-Black, Anti-Hispanic FFS don’t amplify their low key race baiting micro-aggressions.

  7. If an account is tweeting 24/7/365 -you know when most normal people are actually busy with their J-O-B, be skeptical

  8. If an account’s reputation is; mob, russia, mob, kingpin, mob, russia, drugs, money laundering, Trump is mob, OMFG be skeptical

  9. If you are amplifying accounts that engage in the aforementioned behavior, then you are actually part of the disinformation and misinformation ecosystem.

  10. Everyone makes mistakes but if an account never apologizes or owns their self-beclowning, then I beseech you, be skeptical

To be clear have I made mistakes? Absolutely. Have I ever shirked responsibility? Absolutely not. When I was on Twitter I can recall a few instances where I made a mistake. Without prompting I would immediately apologize, owned it (sans making excuses) and then vowed to my followers that I would never repeat the mistake.

Generally speaking humans are fallible. However there’s a really clear distinction between making a mistake because you ran with what you thought were facts versus the self serving desire to “stay relevant” —that you’re entire self worth is solely grounded in being popular on Twitter. That you consistently spin wild and incongruent “conspiracy theories” —the danger here is when an account does this they are messing with their followers heads. And just to be crystal clear my atonement for believing this Blue QANON-for-the-Left Crew is to call out their disinformation and misinformation as soon as I see it. But I’m not the Twitter nor am I the Information Police.

“my people are watching you” -what people?

said a person who’s never held any security clearance whatsoever or held any full time employment since 2012…Beyond grifting, pimping out various podcast, premium content. Yet consistently proves they lack the self discipline to provide paying customers for the premium content.

What I do know is for the better part of two years I believed a person who said to me “you’re safe my people are watching you” —at the time I had been brutally doxed and this mutha-fucker made me believe they had people in the Intelligence and National Security watching out for me. Of all the shitty things this person did, that one thing is something I can not or will not ever forgive. It is my fault that I exposed myself to his emotional terrorism and countless drunkin’ calls where they repeatedly threaten to kill themselves. I was naive in thinking I could fix this person. I couldn’t because the truth is you can’t fix someone who doesn’t believe they are broken. And by broken I mean intentionally screwing with people’s heads while deploy DARVO (see preview article here)

However, I’d like to share why their constant threats of suicide bothered me. This is something I’ve never spoken about publicly. And with the approval of both State & Federal Law Enforcement and my Attorneys - they gave me the green light to share. This will be my first and last time sharing this…

You used the threat of Suicide like a weapon…

Again I didn’t have any plans to ever speak about this publicly but I also know that I have a sense of responsibility to share additional details and hopefully giving my readers a much broader context of what happened. I have purposefully limited the actual disclosure but I think I owe my readers a more fulsome explanation.

At the time I shared with this individual and his most egregious enabler that in boarding school I found my roommate in the closet where she hung her self. About a decade later my then finance didn’t show up for our date and I had a sinking feeling. So I called the local police department and they agreed to meet me at his house, I had a key and let the police in. Where I found my former fiancé hanging from a ceiling rafter in his living room, which had cathedral ceilings & exposed support beams.

These are images that are permanently blazed in my memory. Fast forward to a few years later I was (so I thought) happily engaged but was in a physical and emotionally abusive relationship. Leaving your abuser is extraordinarily difficult. And for those who finally leave, I want you to understand I get it, I know how and what you felt, because I left my abuser. I left him a few months before our wedding and have regretted leaving him. Like most abusers he continually threatened to kill himself. In the late summer of 2018 I received a call from a Detective asking for me to come in for an interview. I learned that the man I left was presumed dead. That the case was cold but they wanted to know if I knew who he associated with after I left. As I explained to the police when I decide to “leave” I make myself completely unavailable. Meaning there’s no way I can be contacted.

Also really shitty in an attempt to smear me a former friend decided to tweet about me kicking in my own door of the house I owned. When this so called friend knew the trauma and guilt I was living with. She knew that my world had been flipped on its head. At the time my abuser was standing in the kitchen window with a gun to his head. So yes I kicked in the door to my own home because I thought my abuser was going to kill himself in front of me. Also special Thanks to Gina who has more issues than Vogue — you gave my attorney & law enforcement cause and the evidence from the returned subpoenas is pretty spectacular. So thank you for your years long cyber stalking and harassment. I do wonder if Gary know exactly what you did. What you lied about? Or how much of his money you took from him without his knowledge or consent, of which you texted me bragging about it. No body catfished you. You cheated and then asked me for help finding a divorce attorney.

But back to the dangerous narcissist Blue-QANON. They knew that I had struggled with guilt. Meaning they knew that I thought I could have prevented both suicides. And while everyone has tragedy in their lives —my promise was to make sure I didn’t regret intervening if someone close to me had suicidal ideations. Instead Mr Blue-QANON manipulated me by using tactics of suicide threats to make me more available to them. This is classic emotional terroristic behavior with a side helping of emotional vampire —that suck you dry of emotions that every time you look down at your phone & you see them calling you begin to loathe answering your phone.

Also if you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal ideation, please ask for help. Be brave and ask for help.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.

Call 1-800-273-8255

Moreover he has repeatedly lied saying I gave him legal advice. I have dozens of text telling I’m “I don’t know MO family law, in fact I specifically chose not to be in family law” —The ironic thing is, I actually found him an attorney. And let me tell you that was not an easy task because of the 40+ firms and attorneys I called on his behalf not a single one agreed to even a preliminary meeting. Yet when things went sideways with that attorney he stated “I want law licenses as scalps”— for the record you do not ever make that kind of threat to someone in my industry. I will wreck you for those kind of threats. It is also notable that he & his egregious enabler rarely mentioned I called in favors at the USAO, the State Dept, the FBI or the ACLU.

You see those of us in DC we never brag about our connections. No we quietly call in favors. No fanfare or humble bragging, we just do it. Yes I called in favors for someone who I thought was a friend and needed help. They didn’t ask me to call in these favors. I decided to do that. The reason many of you are unaware of this is, as I’ve repeatedly said, as a general rule in my line of business discretion is paramount. But I’ll be damned if I hear one more time or see him say I’m the reason he lost custody. That is categorically untrue, false and absolutely disgusting. As I said in December 2020 if I wanted to destroy him, I could with devastating precision. I only want him to get help and be the person I think he can be. And to stop using Twitter like Tinder, he literally uses that platform as his hunting ground. It wasn’t until someone told me I was dealing with an apex predator did I fully understand the totality of the dominion he had over me. Yet it is not at all surprising that he’d lie on that level. Contorting the actual facts which are substantially supported via text messages, emails and phone logs.

And lastly not once have I ever asked for payment. If my accountant’s calculations are correct in nearly 4.5 years I’ve spent thousands out of my own pocket to publish Federal Court filings. I’ve spent countless hours (way too many to actual enumerate) doing research and presenting original documents to support my assessments and assertions. By sourcing public documents and then offering a side of spicy snark (okay maybe a lot of spicy snark) it was my way of finding True North. Where facts are paramount. I have never made a prediction based solely on rumor, gossip or innuendo. I’ve never engaged in plagiarism because that nonsense will get you permanently black-listed. It’s also intellectually dishonest and lazy. My ratio of predictions —all of which were based in factual filings —I think I can say are pretty solid (Avenatti, Calk, Cohen, Manafort, Broidy, Weisselberg etc). But again have I been wrong? Absolutely.

Off the top of my head there are two cases where I predicted sentencing which was wildly off base. ProTip never make a prediction about a Judge’s final judgment, wait for the facts to develop. As for the catalyst of this article -this person recently tweeted a thread which contained so much disinformation and misinformation… so let’s discuss SCANA, WestingHouse and SV Summer👇🏻

SCANA —did NOT sell nuclear tech to KSA

Sure it’s a fantastical disinformation story to mislead tens of thousands of followers with the prerequisites “the GOP goes down, now” but the facts of USAO-SC press release are in fact part of the long standing public record. Moreover WestingHouse’s Bankruptcy was public information;

SCANA, WestingHouse & V.C. Summer Criminal Cases

Off the bat you should know that the criminal cases are directly born from an exhaustive, wide-ranging and multi-year joint investigation by

  • U.S. Attorney’s Office

  • South Carolina Attorney General’s Office

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI

  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and

  • South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). 

Firstly you should know that SCADA was sued (class action) by its shareholders for their duplicity and breach of fiduciary duty. So let’s start with things we know that are grounded in facts and have the prerequisite Federal Court filings to support said facts. We will get to the Class Action lawsuit in a little while. Let’s focus on the criminal matters… Unless otherwise specified, the embedded links are directly from the Department of Justice

NUKEGATE and Class Action

On March 29, 2017 SCANA updated investors and security regulators about the impact of WestingHouse’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The updates included the implications of SV Summer and no nothing in the public docket at all states SV Summer sold or gave nuclear technology to KSA. And I mean nothing in the public docket supports the “disinformation” that SV Summer, Santee or WestingHouse ever sold nuclear technology to the Kingdom.

  1. Cook v. Santee Cooper Case No. 2019-CP-23-6675 - The Class is defined as:

    All Santee Cooper residential, commercial, industrial, and other customers, both direct and indirect, who paid utility bills that included rates calculated, in part, to pay pre-construction, capital, in-service, construction, interest, and other pre-operational costs associated with the V.C. Summer Nuclear Reactor Unit 2 and 3 Project from January 1, 2007, through January 31, 2020.

The fact he’s using documents from 2019 (over two years ago) and conflating the IP3 Marshall Plan is both incomprehensible but frustrating given how many times we talked about this in 2018 & 2019. I spent hours on the phone explaining what the House Oversight documents meant and why it was problematic. But once again the thirst to be viral takes precedence… not to belabor the point -nothing in the SV Summer or WestingHouse or Santee Cooper show that they sold nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia or Russia and no -nothing and I mean nothing in the public docket show “the GOP is going down” -ironically you could, factually speaking make that argument for Bellefonte Nuclear Plant because that was in fact part of Flynn/Trump Marshall Plan but the only time Nuclear was discussed in the Mueller Report, see page 95

Additional and recent discussion as it relates to IP3, Flynn and Barrack

File411’s Newsletter
International Peace Power and Prosperity (IP3) Kushner, Flynn, Barrack & Bonesaw MbS and the Marshall Plan
I started drafting this article on July 9, 2021 (see footnote for my receipts because it’s not like I’m going to make up something) and upon further reflection I’m not sure why I decided to put it on the back burner. Beyond doing the prerequisite research for this article it required that I reach back into my 2017 thru 2019 file archive. And I m…
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This is by far the most comprehensive and exhaustive timelines of Nukegate and I would recommend you read it. As it provides an excellent and factually based primer.

August 30, 2021 the U.S. Attorney’s Office Announces Agreement Securing Westinghouse’s Cooperation in the V.C. Summer Criminal Investigation and Payment of $21.25 Million for Low Income Ratepayer Relief

  • Westinghouse agrees to cooperate fully and completely with the V.C. Summer criminal investigation until the conclusion of all related criminal prosecutions involving former Westinghouse officials. 

  • Federal charges are pending against former Westinghouse manager Carl Churchman and former Westinghouse Senior Vice President for New Plants and Major Projects Jeffrey A. Benjamin.  Benjamin will be arraigned in federal court on August 31, 2021.

  • The newly disclosed agreement further specifies that Westinghouse will contribute an initial $5 million within 30 days to the South Carolina Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program to help certain ratepayers affected by the project’s failure.  A final payment of $16.25 million would be paid by Westinghouse on or before July 1, 2022.

  • Westinghouse has produced more than three million pages of documents, data, and correspondences to federal investigators; made employee witnesses available for interviews; and provided extensive debriefing sessions on the process and facts developed during the course of the company’s internal investigations related to the project.

So the lesson here is —if you think you’re being played you probably are. If you are hanging on to every word of a Tweet or thread then you probably don’t realize that chances are you’re being intentionally fed misinformation and disinformation. Facts matter and facts should inoculate the bullshit that is disinformation and misinformation and yet they don’t. I presume eventually facts will be louder than any unhinged conspiracy theorist but to date it appears perhaps not.

Hope springs eternal, right?


Meaning there are 300 people who are paying $10 a month for premium content. True story I had to threaten getting USAA involved, because he billed my card for months after I left. But just looking at the actual data —only 25 tweets in the past 30 days (technically it 27 but I had to subtract the two tweets he deleted) which means he’s made $3,000 a month for essentially not tweeting. One would think the 300 individuals paying for the premium content might argue it’s a grift or a scam or actual wire fraud.