STOP. JUST. STOP. US Attorney Strauss is NOT leaving

Disinformation and misinformation is fucking dangerous

So to the uninformed parasites who are falsely tweeting the US Attorney for SDNY was either fired or forced out - YOU IDIOTS look at the signatory - the person who’s leaving the USAO-SDNY is:

Jessica Lonergan, Assistant United States Attorney

Here because I care I saved you a whopping $0.10 because my generosity is without barriers (OMFG I’m laughing at myself) so if you’re on Twitter and you see the misinformation/disinformation feel free to send those idiots my way…I’m kind of hangry

So to the Twitter disinformation agents of chaos -if you can’t read the prerequisite signatory line then maybe you shouldn’t tweet out legal filings YOU IDIOTs - delete your nonsense forthwith

or here

God stop with the intentional disinformation and misinformation

And for the record US Attorney Strauss was appointed by the SDNY Court

I am stone cold cereal -if you can’t be bothered to read the prerequisite signatory then you shouldn’t be tweeting legal filings… Goddamn why is this so hard? It took me exactly 2 seconds to source this, do better you recalcitrant Twerps