KENNETH “I perjured myself” HARRELSON - case update and it’s a doozy


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  • USA v Caldwell “yes your honor some of the Defendants have approached about plea offers” -updated - found here.

  • Oath Keepers -Superseding Indictment for Conspiracy Leading to the U.S. Capitol Attack, found here

  • Give-Send-Go - Meggs and Harrelson, found here

  • Caldwell et al case update -it’s a lot of new information, found here

Since April 3, 2021 - Kenneth Harrelson’s Give-Send-Go campaign has raised more than $181,000.00 (March 25, 2021 Archive by Moi and April 13, 2021 archive) on April 12, 2021 his wife posted an update, (placeholder because she also perjured herself) which reads in part:

I am going to continue with my verbal fight for my husband and the others that has not done anything bad. I support and trust my husband just like I do with our Lord and savior! God has my back and theirs! GOD BLESS AMERICA! I love my husband with all my heart!!


Document Number:152 - RESPONSE by USA as to KENNETH HARRELSON re 143 MOTION for Bond (Attachments: EXHIBIT # 1 -Transcript of 3/15/21 Detention Hearing and Exhibit # 2 -Disc containing three video files

Now that is one helluva opening paragraph - specifically;

Defendant Harrelson (as “Gator 6”) was one of the leaders of the group of Oath Keepers who organized and plotted with coconspirators to stop the certification of the Electoral College vote, prepared to use violence if necessary…Afterwards, he attempted to delete incriminating evidence and falsely distance himself from the Oath Keepers, and then he perjured himself at his detention hearing.

The Government then drills down on what was the exact perjury Defendant Harrelson committed… during his March 15, 2021 - detention hearing (MDFL) before March 15, 2021 before Magistrate Judge Embry J. Kidd -the Defendant took the stand and testified

I assume that eventually others (especially in the mainstream media) will fully understand the importance of the Government’s invocation of “a federal crime of terrorism” and why this matters. Lately it feels like I’m banging my head into a concrete wall and silently screaming into the abyss. So let’s go over this one more time;

seeks detention pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3142(f)(1)(A)… destruction of government property.. violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1361, is a crime of violence… destruction of government property is “calculated to influence or affect the conduct of government by intimidation or coercion,” it also qualifies as a federal crime of terrorism. See 18 U.S.C. § 2332b(g)(5)(A) and (B)

As previously explained, how law enforcement views Domestic Terrorism and if the deadly January 6, 2021 insurrection qualifies as domestic terrorism. You’ll want to reread this article. I would then suggest you reread this article where I walked you through Director Wray’s recent Congressional Testimony. You might also benefit from rereading this article - where I walked you through the damning and devastating testimony of General Walker. And lastly I would recommend you reread this article, ODNI, DOJ and DHS Release Unclassified Summary of Assessment on Domestic Violent Extremism and the newly declassified REPORT

At the early onset of this ever expanding investigation —it is important to understand both the legal framework and the common vernacular of “acts of terrorism”. I assumed that we would eventually land square in the middle of  18 U.S.C. § 2332b(g)(5)(A) and (B) but didn’t want to get ahead of my skis. That said just because you or I “think” that’s what prosecutors should do - does not mean they will or they are obligated to snap their fingers and “make it happen”

If you truly understand and more importantly actually respect how our Judicial System works. Coupled with how ongoing criminal investigations work, then the prerequisite patience isn’t “horseshit” — it is quite literally how our system works. And yes it does require patience.

In my opinion during the March 15, 2021 hearing Judge Kidd’s prognostication was apt and frankly squarely hits the nail on the head as it relates to Defendant Harrelson. Notably the Government specifically cites what Judge Kidd said from the bench:

Judge Kidd also found that the charges against Defendant Harrelson – for which the grand jury has found probable cause – show that Defendant Harrelson has “an absolute disregard for the validity of official proceedings that are being held by the United States government. So that, to me, is very troublesome.” (emphasis added)

The footnote on page 6 of the Government’ motion is important and you should read it carefully - because it T’s up their argument with impeccable precision

Because Defendant Harrelson’s attempt to contort the plain language of both statues is wholly offensive and obviously self serving. Beyond the fact that a federal grand jury “found probable cause that Defendant Harrelson violated Section 1361 (felony),..” thus he can not overcome nor remotely rebut the presumption of detention pursuant to the plain reading of Section 3142(e)(3)(C).

Had you paid attention to ECF 106 -and the “training exercises” - also see the phenomenal reporting by Mother Jones and exclusive video they obtained concerning the Oath Keepers Fall 2020 Training - I now refer you to page 3 of Doc 106 referenced in the recent Government Opposition (put a placeholder on this because this weekend I plan to publish an in-depth article about the training facility)

Defendant Kelly Meggs wrote in his motion that he “never served in the military nor has he undergone any paramilitary training.” (ECF 81 at ¶ 3.) And Defendant Connie Meggs asked to “adopt” the facts advanced in Defendant Kelly Meggs’s motion as if they were made in her own motion. (ECF 83.)1

But both defendants have apparently participated in paramilitary training.3 A company in Leesburg, Florida, that provides combat training has photos and videos on its website and Instagram feed showing Kelly Meggs and Connie Meggs – along with co-defendant Kenneth Harrelson, and other individuals in Oath Keepers garb – participating in tactical firearms training:

Pages 4 and 5 are - he explained, the defendants should recognize that it is an “offensive weapon,” and should be used lethally. Specifically, the instructor taught the defendants that there are three areas on the human body to aim and shoot at to effectively terminate a “bad guy”: (1) the “high-thoracic cavity” area under the soft spot of the front of the neck, where you either aim to hit the “heart” to cause “massive hemorrhaging” or the lungs to cause “sucking chest wounds”; (2) the area “between the eyes at the top of the nose,” to hit the “squishy stuff” and hopefully the “brain stem, because they’ll drop”; and (3) the “center of whatever you can see,” in an effort to “break bones” and not just cause “flesh wounds.” At this point in the video, Kelly Meggs appears to laugh..

As further explained by the Government -see page 7 subsection entitled “Training and Access to High-Powered Firearms”

In the fall of 2020, Defendant Harrelson, wearing Oath Keepers garb, and along with co-defendants Kelly and Connie Meggs, and others, participated in a “gunfight oriented training” with an AR-platform firearm. (See ECF 106.) Indeed, on March 10, 2021, the FBI located an AR-15-style rifle inside a gun safe at Defendant Harrelson’s house 2

The hotel locations were Important

Here the Government appears to argue that reserving a Hotellroom in Ballston VA - “Quick Reaction Force (QRF) and Stashing Firearms“ - remember Rhodes had previously told his acolytes;

Leave that outside DC. We will have several well equipped QRFs outside DC. And there are many, many others, from other groups, who will be watching and waiting on the outside in case of worst case scenarios.” 

That footnote is incredibly important -because the government is laying down a marked that encrypted communications between Defendants Meggs and Harrelson May have been deleted…obstruction of justice, destroying evidence…something something.

Furthermore the Government then proffers that cellular towers placed Defendant Harrelson in Downtown Washington DC on January 5th, the entire day of January 6th and the early morning hours of January 7th 3

And there is it -the Government proffers hotel security footage showing Defendant Harrelson

“…it is reasonable that Defendant Harrelson dropped his weapons off with the QRF at the Comfort Inn Ballston on January 5, and then retrieved those weapons on the morning of January 7…Especially in light of the fact that co-defendant Kelly Meggs had previously advised that “Dc is no guns,”…logical inference is that Defendant Harrelson left the guns with his comrades just over the border in Virginia in anticipation of an opportunity to use them later in the nation’s capital”

Holy God Almighty the Government literally just threw down the justice hammer with devastating precision and additional information.

Specifically Harrelson’s wife lied to the FBI - I now refer you to page 31, which reads in part:

Moreover, Defendant Harrelson sponsored his wife’s testimony at the same detention hearing, and she testified that there was never an assault rifle in the house. (3/15/21 Tr. at 16-17.) The FBI’s documentation of a real AR-15-style rifle – not the “AirSoft” rifle that Defendant Harrelson’s wife referenced – belies this statement.”

The Give-Send-Go - April 12, 2021 Update - literally made me see red - they are lying to the donors. Their fundraising campaign is a lie and they are soliciting funds under absolute false pretenses. But by wrapping themselves up in our American Flag and the Bible all while assaulting law enforcement and more broadly our Democracy is D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G and egregiously offensive.

His wife absolutely perjured herself - see pages 7 thru 10 of the March 15, 2021 Hearing Transcript via - also I’m not a complete ahole - yes I redacted her home address and the names and age of their children. Again I have a deep red line and I refuse to cross it

But Mrs Harrelson absolutely perjured herself and she did so repeatedly and with a ease that’s kind of unnerving

Harrelson and his co-conspirators are not patriots, they are domestic terrorist and that is how they should be viewed. Period. Full Stop. Spare me the presumption of innocence - yes I know that is integral to our Country’s Rule of Law but you can’t read the Government’s recent filing and tell me he’s the victim of “the deep state” -perhaps he’s the victim of “deep stupid” but spare me the self righteous spiritual indignation. My relationship with God is good so I don’t need prayers. But Harrelson should stop lying, stop fundraising (cough wire fraud) and maybe contemplate cutting a deal otherwise he’s looking at decades in federal prison.

Here I saved you $6.30 and uploaded the Government’s Opposition to my public drive Transcript of the March 15, 2021 (via my public drive) hearing where Mr and Mrs Harrelson both testified under oath and both perjured themselves, repeatedly


ECF 106 - Meggs - uploaded to my public drive again page 5 is downright insidious and the fact is this tactical training company provides training for numerous Florida Police Departments and they are on several Fed Contract Vehicles. More on that over the weekend


On February 5, 2021 I published my first substack article and I provided you with various YouTube video links to Woodland Wild Dogs meets OathKeepers YouTube Channel


Meggs booked two rooms at a “Hilton Gardens Inn in Washington DC” but Meggs also booked two rooms at the same hotel as the three other defendants (Comfort Inn - Ballston) and separately Young rented a hotel room in Springfield VA. Brining a grand total of nine total rooms rented in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area leading up to the Insurrection. See